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One Day in Florence

It’s a travesty, but if you’ve only got one day in Florence, the best thing to do is put on your most comfortable shoes and go for una passeggiata. (pass-edge-jah-tuh).  A walk. All roads may lead to Rome, but when you’re in … Continue reading

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It’s Been a While

Buon giorno.  Back in September (ouch!), when I said I was taking a break for a while, I had no idea how long that break would be. First there was a Mother-Daughter trip to Italy.  It was as wonderful as … Continue reading

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Una Passeggiata a Siena

To say that relations between Florence and Siena have been strained for some time is truly a dir poco (to say little).  They spent most of the Middle Ages at war fighting for control of Tuscany.  Eventually the Florentine troops, backed … Continue reading

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Interesting. But is it a garden?

From what I had read before leaving home, the next garden I was going to visit was unlike any I’d visited so far.  First of all, it’s new – begun in 1996 – and second, it’s the creation of an … Continue reading

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When Ignorance is Bliss – Villa Cetinale

I had only been back in Toronto a few weeks when a headline in the New York Times (Toronto Star Sunday supplement, June 22, 2013) caught my eye.  “Estate Laws Rankle Daughters of Nobles”.  The article was about the tradition … Continue reading

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Market Day

If I’m going anywhere near Siena, I always try to be there Wednesday morning, when vendors set up their stalls around the Fortezza Lizza on the edge of the historic centre.  Outside of Florence, this is the biggest mercato settimanale … Continue reading

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Towers and Tourists

As I wrote in last week’s post, mention San Gimignano in nearby Volterra and you’re likely to get an earful.  Don’t go there!  Too touristy!  Too crowded!  Too full of itself!  And on and on.  I don’t know about the ‘too … Continue reading

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