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The Elevated Garden, New York Style

Another post so soon is rare for me, but I’m off to Sicily in a couple of days and before leaving wanted to take a quick look at the High Line, the elevated garden in New York that was inspired … Continue reading

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A Unique Promenade in Paris

At the end of my March trip to southern France, I spent a couple of days in Paris, staying in the same hotel my daughter and I had stayed in a few years earlier.  I loved the location, on the … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day and the Pleasures of Travelling with a Companion

‘You travel by yourself?!’ Sometimes it’s a question. Other times it’s more a comment. Always my questioner seems to be struggling with the discrepancy between the woman standing in front of them and the wild, fearless, maybe even irresponsible creature that the lone … Continue reading

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The Garden Gardeners Love to Hate

A lot of gardeners – myself and perhaps you included – turn up their noses at the mention of  the gardens of Versailles.  There are no flowers.  No movement.  No soul. After being force-marched with thousands of other tourists through the … Continue reading

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Change of Plans – Bonjour Paris

I’ve just returned from a month of exploring the gardens of the Loire Valley and Provence (hence the somewhat erratic timing of the last few posts) and my head is full of French gardens, so “Excusez-moi de vous déranger, mais… ” (I love that phrase! … Continue reading

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