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Una Passeggiata a Firenze – Part II

It’s  il pomeriggio (afternoon) and I’m looking for a tiny place that’s received great reviews.  It’s not far from the Duomo, in a narrow alley called Via delle Belle Donne (Street of the Beautiful Women).   And yes, Belle Donne is a euphemism. This is the old … Continue reading

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Taking a Break – Una Passeggiata a Firenze – Part I

As I mentioned on my “Welcome” page, even the most ardent garden enthusiastic has to come up for air now and then, so today I’m taking my first break from visiting gardens. So that you can identify these posts more … Continue reading

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In the Garden of an Aesthete – Villa Pietra

I doubt many of us would be pleased to hear ourselves described as aesthetes, but then we’re not part of the wealthy ex-pat community that lived in Florence in the early 1900’s. There were a lot of Americans in that … Continue reading

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The Perfect Italian Garden – Villa Gamberaia II

When I looked out my hotel window the next morning it wasn’t glorious, but it wasn’t raining.  I set off early and was waiting at the entrance gate when the receptionist arrived.  I had the whole garden to myself for … Continue reading

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